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As smartphone and tablet adoption rapidly increases, so does the importance of mobile-friendly websites.

If SEO is a core component of your digital marketing strategy, having a mobile–friendly website is becoming essential.

Mobile sales have already overtaken desktop sales, and mobile Internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014. It is only logical that mobile search will overtake desktop search at some point in the near future as well.

Since 67 percent of users claim they are more likely to purchase from a mobile-friendly website, companies that rely on SEO are wise to begin making the transition to mobile-friendly websites, and responsive web design specifically.

Lots of organizations come to our company, Advertising for Humanity, asking for “a new brand.” They typically mean a new name, or icon, or a new look and feel for their existing name. Lots of people think that brand begins and ends there — that once we shine up the name they can stick it below their email signature, pop it on their website, and, voila, they have a new brand. Much of our work consists of disabusing people of this notion.

Brand is much more than a name or a logo. Brand is everything, and everything is brand.

When was the last time you actually experienced really great customer service followed by great work delivered? At Instant Solutions & Consultancy, we feel that customer service is a very important part of every project. And you will see that when you work with us!

We spare no cost to keeping a keen eye on the quality of work we deliver to the client. We also value time as being our key to the level of success we have reached so far.

Join our elite group of clients and receive that same level of service today!!!


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Publication Projects

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Brands Developed

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Branding Promotions

You have 3 options to choose from. All packages come with free Domain Registration & 1 month hosting

The Branding Promotion

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Publication Work


Magazine Layout, Design and Printing at the best prices possible for high quality prints.

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Flash Presentations & TV Advertisements


Other Animation Work

3D Architectural Visualization 
Design up market stands and build a vision of your working space in advance. Know what you will build before you build a structure. Have a stand that will leave your clients wanting to use your services.
Exhibition Stand Design 
Design your exhibition stand before hand.
Vehicle Branding
Brand your vehicle for maximum marketing potential. Get people to know about your brand anytime.


Printing Solutions

Wide format Printing for any size. We also laminate our banners for extra protection from weather elements as well as give a better and more attractive finish for outdoor print materials.

Production Printing up to size A3 paper size. We print both colour and mass black and white printing through another Black and White Printer.

ID Card Printing. High Quality Printing for long lasting ID Cards

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Packaging that makes your product sell-able. We design as well as fabricate the packaging for our clients. Well designed quality packaging.

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Branded Wear

For all your corporate wear designs and final production. We offer the best prices and the best quality branded wear.

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Our Offices are located at: Office 509, 5th Floor, York House, Cnr 8th Ave & H. Chitepo, Bulawayo

Open from: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday

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For any Inquiries call : +263 9 71151, +263 864 413 3183 , +263 777 399 969, +263 717 953 897

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